Imitation isn’t always flattering.

Optic monitors blockchains to reveal the origins of any NFT and how it’s been reimagined, remixed or copied. Protect your community and inspire authentic collaboration.

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“Optic is way beyond other services we evaluated in terms of match recall and precision and that’s one of many factors that drove our decision to become a customer.”

Shiva Rajaraman, CPO, OpenSeaopensea
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Give your trust and safety team superpowers. Spot trending scams and fraudulent activity before they damage your community using the most up-to-date and comprehensive NFT dataset on the market. Our admin interface can be customized around your operations workflow or you can access your data directly via our API.

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Keep an eye on your NFTs across blockchains so if someone crops your art and claims it as their original work, you’ll know. And if someone falls in love with what you’ve made and creates incredible art based on your work, you’ll know that too. Optic can protect your community from fraud or help you discover that next great collaboration.

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Build applications that utilize valuable intellectual property with the support and collaboration of rights holders. Keep your own ecosystem safe and ensure that the content created on your platform doesn’t violate your policies, the policies of any secondary market or cause any harm to your customers.

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Preserve the value of your NFT portfolio and find opportunities to acquire new pieces. Optic not only monitors marketplaces and blockchains for any suspicious activity that may affect your NFTs, but we can also analyze your collection and recommend new trades to maximize portfolio value.

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